How We’re Doing


City of Dallas Water Utilities has had conservation programs since the early 1980’s. Over the years those activities increased to include children’s activities, water conservation seminars/workshops, an annual Water-Wise Landscape tour and more. In 2001, the Dallas City Council took conservation efforts to another level by adopting an irrigation ordinance which included time-of-day watering restrictions.

The ordinance and other measures have reduced gallons per capita per day in Dallas by 26% since 2001 resulting in:

  • An estimated water savings of over 316 billion gallons or 22 billion gallons annually
  • An energy savings of 694.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 478,614 tons


Per capita water consumption goal graph


What our customers are saying

“In the year since Dallas Water Utilities installed new low-flow toilets and fixtures in our Gaston Commons Complex we have reduced our water usage by 26% in just one year. We truly appreciate the Water Conservation Department for helping us out.”

— Johnice Woods, Property Development Manager, Central Dallas CDC

“YAY – we are on our way! We cut our water bill in half this month! We’ll see where we can shave it more now. We have fixed the improperly functioning sprinkler heads and are now talking with a landscape company about removing the St. Augustine and installing the pebbles and native, drought resistant plants that I learned about on your website and discussed with you. Thanks again!!!”

— Mazelle B., City of Dallas Resident, Seminar Attendee

“The irrigator who came to my home was professional and very knowledgeable about improvements I could make to existing sprinkler heads to save water and get my desired results.”

“Each and every resident should take advantage of this program not only to save water but save money and provide for a more efficient and cost effective sprinkler system. He was fantastic, kudos to him and the program as well!”

— David N., City of Dallas Resident, Irrigation Check-up Participant

“Several weeks ago my wife dragged me to a seminar on landscaping at Mountain View College. I tagged along and thought I would read a book or sleep while she participated in the discussion. To my surprise I did neither!”

“Bonnie [Reese] did such a wonderful job presenting the information, I found myself intensely interested in the discussion. I tried to meet with her afterward to let her know how much I enjoyed the discussion, but so many others were already meeting with her I decided to e-mail her later.”

“Well it’s much later, but I wanted her to know I thought she did a great job! My wife and I learned so much in that one day. We purchased her book and will be going through it.”

“Thank you for everything you are doing to help educate those of us slightly challenged. We really appreciate you!”

— Maurice F., City of Dallas Resident, Seminar Attendee