Toilet Replacement FAQ

Why is the City of Dallas offering the New Throne for Your Home Program?

Water conservation is a major component of the City of Dallas long-range water supply plan. This program is one of the conservation strategies identified to help reduce water consumption in Dallas. It is estimated that 95% of either single-family or multi-family residential units in Dallas were built prior to 1995. We expect that older high-water use toilets are still in use in most of those homes. Replacing them will reduce water usage and save the homeowner money through reduced water and wastewater fees.

Who qualifies for the program?

Customers of City of Dallas Water Utilities whose current toilets were installed prior to January 1, 1994. Customers must complete an application and agree to an installation verification check by City of Dallas staff. There is a limit of two toilet replacements per household.

How do I apply for the program?

You may complete the online application or you can call (214) 670-3155 to apply by phone. You may also call to request a mail-in application.

How long will it take after I submit my application to receive my voucher?

Depending on the number of applications being processed, you should receive your voucher within 10 business days if you meet all qualifications.

Who honors the voucher?

You may only redeem the voucher through Ferguson Enterprises. Click here for a listing of pickup locations.

Do I need to bring an I.D. when I redeem my voucher?

Yes, a government-issued photo I.D. will be required and recorded by Ferguson Enterprises’ staff.

How will I be notified if my application is denied?

We will contact you either by phone, e-mail or U.S. mail.

What is the brand of the FREE toilet and what comes with it?

The toilet is manufactured by ProFlow® exclusively for Ferguson Enterprises. Click here for additional specifications on this toilet. In addition to the toilet, you will receive a wax ring, toilet seat and brass toilet bolts.

What is the warranty on the toilet?

The warranty term for this model is one year from the date of purchase. Please check with Ferguson Enterprises on any warranty issues. The City of Dallas assumes no responsibility for defects.

Who pays for installation?

Customers are responsible for the installation.

What should customers do with their old toilets?

Customers can either dispose of them through the City of Dallas monthly bulk trash pick up or they may take them to one of three disposal locations free of charge (Note: multi-family customers may be required to pay a disposal fee). The disposal locations are:
Southeast—McCommas Bluff Landfill—5100 Youngblood Road—75241
Northwest—Bachman Transfer Station—9500 Harry Hines Boulevard—75220
Northeast—Fair Oaks Transfer Station—7677 Fair Oaks Avenue—75231

Can I get a rebate or credit for a toilet I purchased on my own?

Yes, you may apply online or call (214) 670-3155. The rebate will be in the form of a credit to your water bill and will be good for up to $90 per toilet. The customer will be responsible for any amount exceeding $90 plus applicable sales tax (limit two toilets per household). You must apply within six months of the date on your receipt and you will need to attach a copy of your receipt to the application. The receipt should clearly show the purchase of a toilet.

Are there specific toilets that are eligible for a rebate?

You may select the toilet of your choice. However, we would encourage you to look for toilets that have been certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as WaterSense® toilets.

Can multi-family residents apply for the New Throne for Your Home Toilet Replacement Program?

Multi-family complex managers and owners can apply by completing a multi-family toilet voucher application. Please contact the Water Conservation Division for requirements and limitations.

Are rebates available for multi-family properties?

No, only free toilet vouchers are available for multi-family property applicants.

How much money and water will customers save?

In addition to the FREE toilet, valued at over $180.00, a family of three can save over 10,600 gallons per year. This could mean a savings of over $50 per year in water and wastewater fees over the life of the toilet. More importantly, the amount of water saved through this and other initiatives will extend our current water supply and help defer expensive water system expansion.

How much more water do the older toilets use?

Typical pre-1985 toilets use between 5 to 7 gallons per flush (GPF). Toilets produced between 1985 and 1991 use 3.5 GPF. The ultra-low flow toilet uses 1.6 GPF or less while high-efficiency toilets use 1.28 GPF or less.

Are homebuilders eligible?

No, newly-constructed homes are required to have water-efficient toilets.

How long will this program be available?

Program availability is subject to annual budget appropriations, therefore funding is limited. All applications are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.