Initiative Focuses on Guest Awareness/Education

  • Encourages guests to embrace less-frequent sheet changes
  • Encourages guests to embrace less-frequent towel changes
  • Informs guests that water is served in hotel/motel dining rooms upon request

Water conservation is tracked.


What’s in it for your business?

  • It saves money on your bottom line!
  • Public service announcements available for in-house TV networks


  • Collateral material available upon request
    (if your hotel has a restaurant, please click here for our Restaurants webpage)
We're serious about conserving water (front desk/lobby card) Please change the linens today (linen change card) Help us save nature's most precious resource (towel rack card)
Front Desk/Lobby Card Linen Change Card Towel Rack Card


Awards & Incentives

  • Participants receive a certificate recognizing their participation and encouraged to display it in a prominent place in their business
  • Participants provided with approved verbiage/copy for use in company promotional materials
  • Participants receive special recognition by the Dallas City Council
  • Participants recognized and listed on the website


Becoming Part of the Dallas Hospitality Industry Program

Please fill out the form below to request more information, receive promotional materials for use in your hotel/motel or assistance with training your staff.

Hotel Form

  • Collateral materials: Please indicate the quantity of each of the following you are interesting in obtaining: