Free Irrigation System Check-ups


As a service to our customers, Dallas Water Utilities is conducting FREE automatic irrigation system check-ups.

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has determined that homes with in-ground automatic irrigation systems use 35% more water than those without irrigation systems. And those households using automatic timers for their irrigation systems use 47% more than their neighbors with in-ground systems operating their systems manually.

Poor irrigation scheduling—watering too often and for too long—is the primary source of water waste associated with landscape irrigation. You may be using a lot more water than your lawn needs and if you are a Dallas Water Utilities customer, you can have a FREE irrigation system check-up by a licensed landscape irrigation specialist. These check-ups have saved other customers hundreds of dollars per year on their water bill.

These check-ups can help improve the efficiency of your existing irrigation system by identifying:

  • Programming errors
  • Leaks in the system
  • Broken or misaligned equipment
  • Problems with pressure (too high or too low)
  • Coverage problems

The Irrigation Specialists will also make recommendations such as:

  • Programming suggestions
  • Turf water requirements
  • Possible equipment upgrades
  • Repair and maintenance tips

Our goal in Water Conservation is to help you save water! All suggestions are subject to the homeowner’s discretion, but each suggestion will save you money.


What our customers are saying

“I was so happy to have someone from the City evaluate my irrigation system. [The Irrigation Specialist] was courteous and knowledgeable, and he gave me useful information that will help cut my water usage. I will absolutely follow up on the recommendations he made.”

— Elizabeth B.

“[The Irrigation Specialist] was so knowledgeable and patient in explaining things to me. I will definitely follow through and get the things repaired that are needed. I am an 86 year-old widow and had little understanding of my sprinkler system. It was great to have someone who knew so much to come help me. I applaud the City for not only providing this service to people like me, but to conserve water.”

— Eleanor A.

“This analysis was the ultimate, done in a most, courteous, professional, and educational [manner] and had great ideas that I will implement before the week is out. Thank you.”

— Lenial G.

“I am so glad that you offered this service. I hope to see some savings on my bill in the future. I’m not sure enough people read the inserts that come with the bill.”

— Barbara M.

“Excellent program. I can’t think of any ways to improve it. I knew my [irrigation] system had some issues and now I have specifics when I call a repair company. I had my written report within a couple of hours. I’m extremely pleased!”

— Jane S.

“The irrigator who came to my home was professional and very knowledgeable about improvements I could make to existing sprinkler heads to save water and get my desired results.”

“Each and every resident should take advantage of this program not only to save water but save money and provide for a more efficient and cost effective sprinkler system. He was fantastic, kudos to him and the program as well!”

— David N.


For More Information

For more information or to schedule your automatic sprinkler system check-up, call (214) 670-3155.

You may also schedule a check-up or contact us by filling out the following:

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