Minor Plumbing Repair Program (MPR)




The Minor Plumbing Repair Program offers assistance with minor plumbing problems and fixtures that may cause water waste and higher water bills.


Who qualifies?

  • Dallas Water Utilities customers
  • Those who meet the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development income guidelines
  • Homeowners who reside on the property


What is free?

Water efficient fixture packages to include: high-efficiency toilets (limit 2 per household), faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads.


What can be repaired by the Minor Plumbing Repair Program?

  • Leaking faucets (indoor/outdoor)
  • Hose bib leaks (indoor/outdoor)
  • Easily-accessible pipe joint leaks
  • Fixture replacement


What can’t be repaired by the Minor Plumbing Repair Program?

  • The Minor Plumbing Repair Program does not perform emergency repairs
  • Plumbing problems involving gas
  • Plumbing that involves any kind of sewer/wastewater work
  • Work involving garbage disposals
  • Repairs involving washing machines
  • Repairs that require work behind walls, under the house or underground


What are the requirements?

  • Area where work is to be done must be clean and structurally sound
  • In order to ensure that Minor Plumbing Repair (MPR) Program repairs and fixture replacements are made properly and completed in a timely manner, all MPR customers must agree to a follow-up inspection by City Staff. An Inspector will contact you within 3 weeks of completion of your project. If we are unable to contact you to conduct a final inspection, the City of Dallas reserves the right to bill you for all repairs, fixture replacements and labor charges incurred. In addition, the ninety (90) day warranty on all work performed and the one (1) year warranty on materials installed will be void if a follow-up inspection is not performed.


Who do I call for help or to find out if I qualify?

Minor Plumbing Repair Program Coordinator
(214) 671-8083 or (214) 670-3155