10 9 Judging Criteria

  • Water Conservation: Efficient irrigation/water use; use of non-vegetative materials such as fences, walls, walks, etc.; use of native or adaptive plants; reduced turf area; and use of mulches
  • Bonus points for:
    • Drip irrigation
    • Irrigation system inspection through City of Dallas Water Conservation Division
    • Onsite composting
    • Rain barrel(s)
  • Design: Aesthetic appeal; composition; use of color and plant variety
    • Innovative plantings and/or container garden(s)
    • Edibles or foodscapes
  • Appropriate Maintenance: Landscape tidy, healthy, disease and pest free plants; no weeds; plants pruned as appropriate
  • Special Focus Landscaping: pollinator-friendly plants (nectar and host) and use of native grasses. Kitchen Gardens are small plots of herbs and other edible plants that you harvest from often. They stand on their own or may be incorporated into your landscape.

The Awards

Winners will be selected in the following awards categories:

  • Best Large Landscape

    Best Large Landscape Honorable Mention

    (Submit your front and back yard for this category of if your front yard is a double lot)
  • Best Small Landscape

    Best Small Landscape Honorable Mention

    (Submit your front yard only)
  • Best Kitchen Garden

    Best Kitchen Garden Honorable Mention

    (Small plot of edibles, harvest from it often, standalone, or incorporated into your landscape)
Entry Form

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